Dental Implants in Portland, Maine

Dental Implants are considered by many the greatest advancement in field of dentistry in the last 60 years.

Dental Implants are cylindrical shaped threaded titanium alloys that are extremely strong and in the right circumstance will cause human bone to integrate tenaciously to its surface. This technology has undergone years of research and trials and is now considered state of the art and a major component of restorative dentistry, just as it is in joint replacements in orthopedic medicine.

Implants are used as an anchor to replace one or more teeth. Two or more are used as anchors to retain either a partial or full denture.  Multiple implants can be used to retain an entire arch of crown like teeth. In short, implants are used in various methods to replace one, a few or many missing teeth.

The first step in placing implant(s) is to evaluate the systemic health of a patient and then to examine the existing conditions intraorally and finally to examine the amount and type of bone available in the area(s) planned to receive the implants. In most cases of insufficient bone, the osseous tissue can be readily amended to have an implant placed. Also a specialized brand of “short” implants are available in cases with short bone. This can avoid bone grafting and save time and expense.

Once we know that one or more implants are indicated we combine a digital scan of the area from the mouth with the Sirona CT Scan (3D) and plan the location, Brand and size of the implant. From that plan a Surgical Guide is designed and manufactured on our Cerec CAD CAM system. That guide fits accurately in the mouth and with the use of our guided instruments prepares the bone for the exact placement of the implant itself. No surgical opening of the gum tissue is involved. The procedure is totally pain free during and after the procedure. Our patients are simply amazed at how simple it all is.

After implant placement, a period of time is given for “osseointegration” (bone attaching sufficiently to the titanium surface). That time period varies, but meanwhile some form of temporization is cosmetically placed.

When integration is reached the final crown or dental prosthesis can be placed and the case is complete.

By far the most common use of an implant is in the replacement of a single tooth. The second most common use is to retain and stabilize a lower denture or a partial removable denture.

Dr. DeRice has been placing and restoring implants for almost 20 years. Because we do it all in our office our cost is very affordable.

Anyone interested in implant care is always welcome  at our office for a complimentary consultation.

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