We assure each patient the highest quality dental care by making use of the latest technologies and techniques available. Each member of our staff regularly attends continuing education courses and we are constantly adding new equipment and procedures to make our office “State of the Art.”

Our office has been computerized since 1980 and has been “chartless” since 2005. All information is stored in our secure system including: patient information, x-rays, accounting, scheduling, and other routine information. This allows for easy access to all information so that we may serve our patients more completely and more timely.

Existing technology in the office includes intra-oral photographs, digital x-rays and interactive education programs. The digital x-rays “develop” the image directly onto the computer, which allows for quicker diagnosis, and is environmentally friendly as there are no processing chemicals to dispose of. The x-rays, photographs and education software can be seen by the patient and staff on the monitors in their room; allowing the patient to better understand the diagnosis as well as the proposed solutions and/or alternatives.

Other technology in our office includes the ability to make crowns for patients in a single visit, utilizing the Cerec 3D system. We have the DIAGNOdent; a small laser instrument which scans your teeth searching for hidden decay. We also offer an alternative to traditional braces – ClearCorrect – a series of custom, removable aligners that gradually straighten the teeth. They’re clear, have no wires or brackets and are practically invisible!