Although we are not an orthodontic office, we do limited orthodontics for patients who have some crowding or whose teeth are somewhat crooked. Sometimes it is necessary to place braces on a patient’s teeth to correct a problem, such as an uneven bite. Whatever the reason, braces are often placed on patients both young and old who want to improve the overall appearance of their smile.


Once a patient has gone through orthodontic treatment, it is often necessary to have a retainer made which helps to stabilize the teeth. This appliance can be either fixed (cemented into place) or removable. Without the use of a retainer, teeth will sometimes shift, often defeating the original intent of the braces.

Growth Appliances

For our younger patients, we often diagnose potential and, often, inevitable problems with the alignment of the teeth, bite and or jaw. If caught early enough, some problems can be corrected with growth appliances. For example, a child who has a small upper arch may not have enough room for all of their teeth to come in without severe crowding. There are times when an appliance called a palatal expander can be placed which literally enlarges the roof of the mouth, thereby creating more room. Unfortunately, not all problems can be corrected completely, but with the help of growth appliances, not all problems turn out to be as severe.